Academic Programming Program Prioritization

Do your institution's academic priorities align with your mission and strategic plan?

Academic Prioritization from Credo provides your institution with effective and efficient strategies to streamline academic organization, clarify best-practice policies, prioritize resources, and implement positive, institutionally sound changes to your organizational structures and processes.

An Academic Priorities Assessment will help your institution understand and implement successful processes around:

  • How current systems meet the faculty workload balance.
  • How current course schedules facilitate or hinder classroom utilization, effective timetabling, and student course enrollment.
  • How best practice academic policy is and can be used. 
  • How current processes give the administration the information needed to make courageous decisions.
  • How current recruitment pipelines support or align with a healthy financial model for programs.
  • How all elements of the academic unit affect the student experience in and out of the classroom.

Based on these assessments, Credo equips your institution with strategic outcomes-based recommendations. Our work is always conducted and considered within the unique context of your institution, since your challenges and opportunities may differ from those at institutions that, on the surface, may appear to be similar. 

Outcomes of Academic Prioritization include:

  • The ability to re/organize academic programs
  • A rubric for evaluation of program inclusion and development to be utilized in current and future program development
  • Effective resource allocation for teaching and learning
  • Leadership confidence in a protocol that is based in current best practice
  • The implementation process for department-wide inclusion and contribution

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