Tom Gavic

President, Founding Partner / Owner

As Credo’s visionary, Tom is able to quickly identify opportunities for growth, and create immediate momentum for meaningful adaptive change. A long time veteran of both business and higher education strategy, Tom serves as Credo’s Chief Ambassador, partnering with higher education leaders to encourage courageous action toward building thriving campuses across the country. As a strategic innovator, Tom developed the partnership between the Disney Institute and the Council of Independent Colleges that provided a sandbox for executive teams to design strategies to radically enhance the student experience on their campuses. This amazing partnership uniquely shaped Credo into the business it is today and was a forerunner to what is now the Thriving Institute, a place where today’s executive leadership teams teams are shaping independent higher education for tomorrow.  He has recruited an amazing team committed to helping independent colleges and universities thrive in order to positively impact students. Tom earned his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison (Go Badgers!), and has since dedicated his life to student-focused, innovative higher education. Follow Tom on Twitter @TomGavic.


  • Rebecca Afshar

    Rebecca Afshar Campus Planner

  • Dave Burke

    Dave Burke Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Trudi Cary

    Trudi Cary Coordinator of Operations / Owner

  • Jennifer deCoste

    Jennifer deCoste Vice President for Strategy

  • Christie Dickerman

    Christie Dickerman Project Manager

  • Laura Fabry

    Laura Fabry Office Manager

  • Bill Fahrner

    Bill Fahrner Chief Operating Officer / Owner

  • Roland Sharpe Flores, NCARB Project Designer/ Architect

  • Brian Ford

    Brian Ford Client Services Coordinator

  • Tim Fuller

    Tim Fuller Senior Vice President / Owner

  • Amy Galbraith Client Services Coordinator

  • Tom Gavic

    Tom Gavic President, Founding Partner / Owner

  • D'andre Hardy Project Manager for Student Success

  • Terry Helms

    Terry Helms Vice President for Marketing Solutions

  • Susan Holt

    Susan Holt Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Janssen

    Paul Janssen, AIA Senior Project Manager

  • Emma Jones

    Emma Jones Chief Brand Officer

  • Ryan Krier

    Ryan Krier Visual Communications Specialist

  • Will Lee

    Will Lee Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Wade McIntyre

    Wade McIntyre Market Research Analyst

  • Steve Morley

    Steve Morley Director of Campus Planning

  • Joretta Nelson

    Joretta Nelson Senior Vice President / Owner

  • Jim Olson

    Jim Olson Project Coordinator

  • Dan Pecor Project Coordinator

  • Anna Scott Pulliam

    Anna Scott Pulliam Business Development Coordinator

  • Sarah Reese

    Sarah Reese, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C Interior Designer / Planner

  • Dawn Rolling

    Dawn Rolling, AIA, NCARB,LEED® AP  Director of Design

  • Kevin Rolling

    Kevin Rolling, AIA, LEED® AP BD+C Vice President for Campus Planning and Architecture / Owner

  • Catherine Rumley

    Catherine Rumley Marketing and Events Coordinator

  • Michelle Samuels-Jones

    Michelle Samuels-JonesVice President for Student Success

  • Amy Schwalbach

    Amy Schwalbach Campus Planner

  • Kevin Sohl

    Kevin Sohl, AIA, NCARB Project Architect

  • Joanne Soliday

    Joanne Soliday Founding Partner / Owner

  • Matt Trainum

    Matt Trainum Senior Consultant for Strategy

  • Amy Tomko

    Amy Tomko Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Leah VanLandingham

    Leah VanLandingham Client Services Coordinator

  • Kate Vigneau

    Kate Vigneau Designer / Campus Planner