August 8 2022

Student Success Through Intelligent Partnerships

Two recognized higher education industry leaders—Credo LLC and Pharos Resources—have joined forces to deliver an even more powerful, data-driven, and culture-changing approach to improving and sustaining inclusive student success and retention outcomes. 

The partnership introduces our Success Intelligence Platform, a robust data lake solution powered by Pharos Resources’ proven technology, and is delivered throughout a five-year, revenue-share Moving The Needle partnership.

Our Success Intelligence Platform captures and hosts data from any source in your institution’s technology ecosystem which continues to grow into a student experience data lake. 

Data-Driven Decisions and Results 

Within three months of the Moving The Needle partnership, our Success Intelligence Platform is installed and ready for full utilization, empowering partners to:  

  • Run pilot programs and analytics of students and their experiences 
  • Inform and guide the best interventions to help improve that experience
  • Measure success along the way with the ability to adapt

 Moving the needle forward with your student success intelligence platform graphic

This capability constantly evolves as Credo, Pharos, and institutions learn and grow in practice, technology, dashboards, and analytics focus. The platform gives each institution the power to surface leading and lagging indicators reflective of the student experience in real time with the ability to test, measure, adjust, and adapt every strategy we are implementing as part of Moving the Needle. 

Dr. Joretta Nelson, Founder of Moving The Needle, said this about the partnership:

"With dynamic data, our Success Intelligence Platform promotes accountability and provides meaningful measurements of engagement and successes with instant, intuitive dashboards, and the ability to run detailed analyses."

About Pharos & Credo  

Pharos Resources offers technology and retention intelligence services that empower campuses to identify at-risk students, connect with those students, solve systemic and acute issues, and measure relational interventions. This builds campus-wide collaboration around next-generation processes and more thoughtful interventions.

Keeping students always at the center, Credo partners with higher education leaders across critical areas of institutional strategy and operations. With a vision to impact one million learners and the leaders who stand in service to them, Credo's action-oriented, results-driven partnerships connect to people and culture as the most powerful vehicles to impact transformational student experiences. 

Both Pharos Resources and Credo practice a data-driven and holistic approach to student success and share strong entrepreneurial-, accountability-, and service-driven values. Both firms have deep roots and proof of impact in student success and retention with decades of combined experience in transforming culture.

Listen to the Pharos & Credo: Moving The Needle "Cap & Gown" Podcast 

Dr. Joretta Nelson from Credo joins Rachel Phillips-Buck to discuss the future of the Moving the Needle project. Listen here to learn how the partnership of Pharos & Credo will impact student success.

 Stream & download the podcast here.

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