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Navigating the Changing Role of Faculty & Learners: Transitioning Physical Spaces & Places

March 5 2019

Consider the incredible explosion of information that the internet and digital technology has wrought. Everyone with a smartphone now carries a library in his or her pocket. We collectively perform...

The Student at the Center: Transforming Learning for the Future

February 26 2019

Photo of Wilson College's Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Architecture & renovation designs by Credo Design Architects. Full project details here. Think of family members, friends,...

Four Ways to Combat Summer Melt and Increase Fall Enrollment

August 7 2018

Contributors: Steve Morley, Michelle Samuels-Jones, and Joe Henry-Penrose This blog is based off the authors’ responses to this Hidden Brain podcast episode.

Seven Predictors of Student Success and Retention

April 19 2018

While postsecondary institutions invest significant effort and resources in understanding why students leave, a more important but often ignored question is why students choose to stay. We know...

Helping High-Risk Students Succeed

January 17 2017

College administrators and faculty want all students to thrive, but concern is greatest for those students who are most at risk to leave college before getting a degree. Such students are often...

Educating Educators On Highly Effective Teaching Practices

September 29 2015

Joretta Nelson, Ph.D. reflects on "high-leverage practices" in education.

Considering an Adult Education Program: Part One

December 2 2011

Institutions are increasingly serving learners of varying ages and employment backgrounds. In fact, three fourths of today’s college students are nontraditional and 38% work full-time. Adult...

Why Students Stay

July 8 2011

Here at Credo, our work related to student success is focused on why students stay rather than why they leave. Why is that, you may ask?

The College Search: What Students Want

April 21 2011

Last year, Credo partnered with nine institutions that use our Admitted Student Research (ASR) service to gain a sense of why some students chose one institution over another; a student’s...

The Logic of Predictive Modeling in Admissions Work: Part I

July 26 2010

Assume you have an inquiry pool of 10,000 students. How should admission staff engage in recruiting those students?