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Appalachian College Association & Credo Launch Student Success Partnership

July 20 2020

The Appalachian College Association (ACA) and Credo are pleased to announce the launch of a partnership to improve student outcomes across ACA member institutions. Building on the rich collaborative...

Best Wishes to Tim Fuller!

July 14 2020

This week, Credo is celebrating Tim Fuller, a 13-year Credo team member, owner, and senior vice president, who is leaving Credo to serve Christian higher education through his new company Fuller...

The Emerging Role of Institutional Identity in Partnerships & Mergers

July 2 2020

“We’re coming to the table holding nothing sacred,” said one president, sharing that their institution was deep in a merger conversation with another college in their region. “Not the mascots, not...

Strategy in the summer of COVID

June 9 2020

While stuck at home these many weeks, board games have come out of the closet to give our family a bit of comfort and whimsy. On the table at my house, we’ve had a few different games rotating...

Resources to Support Student Success Through COVID-19 Disruption

March 23 2020

The information below reflects practical, implementable strategies to assist real-time with immediate needs that may be arising on your campuses, specifically targeting areas of academic support and...

A 25th Anniversary Reflection on Courageous & Collaborative Leadership

February 24 2020

A Reflection on Courageous & Collaborative Leadership When Dr. William Craft, President of Concordia College at Moorhead, spoke of the leadership of his friend Dr. Thomas (Tom) Flynn, President...

Download The Updated "Thriving Institutions: New Lessons in Research and Practice" Case Studies

February 14 2020

How are you at spotting trends?

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Higher Education?

February 13 2020

What will be the impact of autonomous vehicles on higher education? With all the changes happening and predicted for colleges, our team at Credo decided to take one specific change coming to our...

Partnerships & Placebuilding In Rural Higher Education

January 29 2020

One of the most obvious distinctions of rural colleges is that they are distant from an urban center, and with this comes smaller populations, economic challenges, and, oftentimes, financial distress.

Three Kinds of Rural: Debunking the Myth of Desolation in Rural America

January 8 2020

Often in conversations or interviews about rural areas, we continue to hear people, usually those not from rural areas, talking in general terms, painting with broad strokes, and creating an overall...

Credo To Honor Dr. Thomas J. Flynn as 7th Annual Courageous Leadership Award Winner

November 12 2019

Credo is excited to announce Dr. Thomas J. Flynn, President Emeritus of Alvernia University, as the recipient of our seventh annual Courageous Leadership Award.