November 8 2016

As a higher education campus grows, there are many opportunities for internal and external partnerships to leverage for success. From enrollment to retention to campus master planning, there is always room for positive growth and synergy to empower leaders, faculty, staff, and students. 

Enrollment Growth at Hardin-Simmons University from Credo on Vimeo.

HARDIN-SIMMONS UNIVERSITY Opportunity: How can we create synergies to positively impact the campus at large?

A partnership like the one President Lanny Hall of Hardin-Simmons University found in Credo helped promote his collaborative and courageous leadership, and uniquely positioned him and the university he leads on a trajectory of momentous success.  

HARDIN-SIMMONS Results: long-term trusted partnership for every step of the way

Dr. Lanny Hall is no stranger to higher education leadership. With nearly 20 years as president at HSU, he is now in his third presidency, and remains a long-standing partner with Credo for a variety of consulting services.

“I have recommended Credo to professional colleagues, and I will continue to do so. I was a veteran president when I took advantage of a No-Fee Strategy Day, but I can think of how helpful this would have been to me as a brand new president. Getting out of town, sitting down with experts in the field, and brainstorming; I found that to be extremely useful and motivational.”

- Dr. Lanny Hall, President

Dr. Hall was especially appreciative of the fact that Credo understands the unique needs and opportunities that accompany a faith-based campus. Dr. Hall first began partnering with Credo for campus planning, and then for retention work through the Moving The Needle modules, and then for enrollment services, like the Credo Traditional Undergraduate Enrollment ACE®. The campus has seen growth in enrollment and retention numbers following their engagements with Credo, and HSU has physically been able to grow as a result of the campus master planning partnership.

Comprehensive, integrated partnerships combined with the great work already happening there, positioned HSU to continue growing and adapting to the ever-changing and diverse needs of the campus and community.  

Create synergy with a data-informed campus master plan 

According to Dr. Hall, the campus master planning effort with Credo was especially valuable because it gave HSU the opportunity to develop an informed dream for the institution. Credo helped HSU consider needs, wants, and their vision for the future, and then contemplate facilities with realism.

“A lot of times when you’re talking with donors they will throw you a curve and ask you to look at a project that perhaps you haven’t thought about. We don’t have to say ‘let us look into that and get back to you.' We can turn to a page, show a rendering of what this particular facility might look like, and dream with the donor on the spot, with information in hand. It’s data driven and it’s really been helpful to us.”

- Dr. Lanny Hall

Dr. Hall also commented that many donors have been impressed by the organization and prioritization of needs in the master plan, and have complimented HSU on “really doing their homework” for a variety of facilities and projects. This, in turn, has played into HSU’s ability to fund those projects.

“In fundraising, armed with the master plan, we can speak with knowledge about projects that donors might be interested in, whether they are athletics projects or academic projects, or things to beautify the campus. It creates an excitement on the part of the fundraiser, and the prospective donors.”

– Dr. Lanny Hall

1+1 = 3. Executive search and the Admission ACE® prompted a 13% increase in new student enrollment

As HSU searched for a new enrollment leader, they naturally turned to Credo based on the strength of their existing partnership. And, when Vice President Vicki House came on board, HSU wanted to provide her the knowledge and tools to move forward quickly.

“A lot of times you’re in a position for a year or two before you can get the help you need. Credo understood what our needs were at the time because they did the executive search, so we were able to engage Credo from the start. That’s an ideal situation.”

- Dr. Lanny Hall

The effort has really paid off for HSU with a 13% increase in new student enrollment in the first year, coupled with strong student retention efforts as a result of HSU's work with Credo on Moving the Needle.


Hardin-Simmons University’s success story is still being written, with many more successes to come. Is your campus ready to build synergy for success?

To find out more about what service mix could work best to empower your campus, start a conversation with one of our higher education consultants. We look forward to partnering with you and your campus!

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