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Four Approaches to Data

August 15 2019

During my time at Credo I’ve been on several hundred campuses and many of those visits have involved working with institutional data about enrollment, programs, retention, finance, and market...

Seven Predictors of Student Success and Retention

April 19 2018

While postsecondary institutions invest significant effort and resources in understanding why students leave, a more important but often ignored question is why students choose to stay. We know...

Checklist for Maximizing Fall Enrollment

March 13 2017

As the recruiting cycle reaches a frenzied pace during the spring semester, how are you preparing for fall enrollment?

Useful Research Tools for Strategic Enrollment Management

December 15 2016

How does your team use data strategically to plan for enrollment success?

How Understanding Financial Aid Can Drive Student Enrollment

August 3 2016

On the surface, financial aid is often seen as a huge benefit for students — and that’s because it is. Financial aid makes attending college possible for so many students who otherwise may have been...

5 Communication Plan Strategies to Enhance Student Enrollment

July 27 2016

What is your institution’s current plan for enhancing student enrollment? For many college campuses, communicating a unified vision to prospective students may seem difficult but should not be...

Student Enrollment: Turn Research Data into Action

July 14 2016

Colleges and universities are bursting with valuable student data at every corner. How this data is collected and in what ways it is applied is critical for success at any institution. But is there...

Why Students Stay

July 8 2011

Here at Credo, our work related to student success is focused on why students stay rather than why they leave. Why is that, you may ask?

The College Search: What Students Want

April 21 2011

Last year, Credo partnered with nine institutions that use our Admitted Student Research (ASR) service to gain a sense of why some students chose one institution over another; a student’s...

Benefits of Comprehensive College and University Marketing

October 21 2010

When I first meet college and university leaders I’m often asked what the benefit of good marketing and branding is for a college or university. I could spend a lot of time describing all the reasons...

Social Networking Continues to Grow Among Adult Users

September 2 2010

Social media has been on our doorstep for several years, but not everyone has readily opened their door to the fast-paced world. Widely known to be adopted by young adults, businesses, and retailers,...