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An Admissions Team's Guide to Minimizing Melt With Admitted Student Research

April 22 2021

Do your campus partners have an understanding of melt and that losing students between committing in the spring and the start of classes in the fall is a real challenge for admissions offices across...

3 Enrollment Practices To Support Prospective Students from Recruitment to Yield

March 25 2021

Enrollment Leaders Respond

Recruitment to Yield: Rethink the Campus Guest Experience

March 2 2021

Enrollment Leaders Respond

Strategic Enrollment Planning to Recruit for Fall 2021 & Beyond

February 15 2021

Enrollment Leaders Respond

Strategy in the summer of COVID

June 9 2020

While stuck at home these many weeks, board games have come out of the closet to give our family a bit of comfort and whimsy. On the table at my house, we’ve had a few different games rotating...

5 Tips To Building Your Best Enrollment Funnel

September 26 2019

The admissions entrance in the renovated gymnasium at Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis, MN. The enrollment funnel as a pure indicator of institutional growth is a misnomer. Many...

Four Approaches to Data

August 15 2019

During my time at Credo I’ve been on several hundred campuses and many of those visits have involved working with institutional data about enrollment, programs, retention, finance, and market...

The Explosion of Adult Education: Meeting Learners Where They Are

May 21 2019

Almost thirty million working adults in the United States aspire to complete a college degree they began years ago, and more than forty million others could enhance their career prospects, but have...

The Growing Influence of Social Media in Student Recruitment

July 3 2018

Social media is a highly influential source of information for international students thinking about studying abroad. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube lead the pack, there is...

8 More Tips To Motivate Admissions Teams for Enrollment Success

May 31 2018

We published a blog called 3 Ways To Motivate Your Admissions Team For Enrollment Success, and we learned from many of our readers that you appreciated the content—and wanted more tips! So without...

Leaps and Lifelines: Success options for private institutions in uncertain times

March 5 2015