ARCHITECTURE Architectural Facility Design

We specialize in designing residence halls, welcome centers, academic facilities, and student life environments. Through an inclusive and engaging workshop-based process, we make the design process transparent – building momentum, excitement and consensus.

Data-driven research is used to integrate the immediate and longer term uses into your design. You also have your own unique identity, and we work with you to understand the impact it should have on your campus environment.

Credo undertakes both large-scale new structure design and complex building renovation projects across campuses. 

All of Credo's architectural work is completed under the auspices of Credo Design Architects, LLC, a shared-ownership company. 

Banner Image Project Specifics:

Institution: Alvernia University

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

Project: Academic Building Design for Bernadine Hall

Scope: 20,000 square foot renovation

Cost: $2.25 M construction cost

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