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Succession Planning and Leadership Development

February 5 2019

We have observed two trends in virtually every institution from a leadership perspective.

Creating a Shared Vision Part 2: The President and the Board

January 29 2019

Excerpt from "PIVOT: A Vision for the New University"

Creating a Shared Vision: The President and the Board

January 24 2019

Excerpt from "PIVOT: A Vision for the New University"

Why Pivot? An Introduction from Co-Author Joanne Soliday

January 15 2019

From Joanne Soliday, "PIVOT" co-author and higher education veteran

Why Pivot? An Introduction from Co-Author Mark Lombardi, Ph.D.

January 7 2019

From Mark Lombardi, "PIVOT" co-author and President of Maryville University.


December 31 2018

The decision to bring in an outside consultant is a big one. After all, an institution is most likely to consider a consultant when they are facing a great challenge or on the precipice of a great...

5 Areas for Pivoting in the New University

December 28 2018

We believe—and have seen in action—key areas around which pivots happen. We believe these pivot points offer the most significant opportunities for institutional transformation and carry the greatest...

Pivot: A vision for the New University

December 26 2018

The news sure looks bad: rapidly shifting student demographics, the ever-increasing speed of technological innovation, and extreme legislative and public pressure are squeezing colleges and...

Research Summary from the 2018 Rural Higher Education Institute

December 5 2018

Credo was honored to be a part of the inaugural Rural Higher Education Institute, an event focused on the value of, and challenge to, rural colleges and universities across the country.The inaugural...

DWU's Dr. Amy Novak Wins the 2019 Courageous Leadership Award

November 26 2018

Credo is thrilled to announce President Amy Novak from Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, SD, as the winner of the upcoming 2019 Courageous Leadership Award, given during Credo's annual dinner at...

Chief Brand Officer Emma Jones Joins Ownership Team

November 6 2018

Dear Credo Friends and Colleagues, I'm pleased to share that Emma Jones, our Chief Brand Officer, has become a member of the ownership team at Credo. For nearly 25 years, Credo has been helping...