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What does it mean to be "Rural" in higher education?

April 17 2019

What does it mean to be a rural institution? Is there a difference between being a rural institution and a rural-serving institution? What is a rural student? Do rural students do better at rural...

Case Study: Marian University's Medical College Transformation

April 17 2019

Marian defines a great Catholic university as one that educates transformational leaders for service to the world. The power of mission, faith, and sense of service to humanity is felt on campus. The...

Nine Ways Life Coaches Contribute to Student Success

April 17 2019

In the new university, faculty will no longer be advisors across the spectrum of the collegiate experience, but rather mentors about what they know best: i.e., their field of study and a student’s...

No Margin, No Mission

April 16 2019

We bear a responsibility to the families and students investing money in their hope for the future to steward their dollars with care. College and university leaders must explicitly, unequivocally...

Dakota Wesleyan University Case Study: Learn Strong Program and High-Relevance Core

March 21 2019

DWU took a different approach to shaping the learning journey of its students, developing a general-education curriculum focused on preparing students for twenty-first century leadership and digital...

Maryville University: an Active-Learning Ecosystem

March 12 2019

Maryville’s Vice President for Integrated Marketing and Communications Marcia Sullivan characterizes their approach to students in the following way: “We are loyal to our students above all history,...

Navigating the Changing Role of Faculty & Learners: Transitioning Physical Spaces & Places

March 5 2019

Consider the incredible explosion of information that the internet and digital technology has wrought. Everyone with a smartphone now carries a library in his or her pocket. We collectively perform...

The Student at the Center: Transforming Learning for the Future

February 26 2019

Photo of Wilson College's Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Architecture & renovation designs by Credo Design Architects. Full project details here. Think of family members, friends,...

Abandoning Consensus and Reimagining Committees

February 18 2019

In the new university, consensus across stakeholder groups does not precede action, but follows it.

Breaking Down Faculty Barriers

February 11 2019

We believe firmly that everyone, no matter their age or longevity in the academy, can be on the cutting edge of change.

Credo Celebrates Values Award Winners

February 6 2019

Most of us would probably say that one of the best things about working with Credo is the group of colleagues we have the pleasure to know and work with. To celebrate our extraordinary team, in 2019...