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The Growing Influence of Social Media in Student Recruitment

July 3 2018

Social media is a highly influential source of information for international students thinking about studying abroad. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube lead the pack, there is...

8 More Tips To Motivate Admissions Teams for Enrollment Success

May 31 2018

We published a blog called 3 Ways To Motivate Your Admissions Team For Enrollment Success, and we learned from many of our readers that you appreciated the content—and wanted more tips! So without...

How to Write an Annual Recruitment Plan: 4 Foolproof Tips

May 21 2018

You’ve got a strategic enrollment plan in place that looks three to five years into the future, so your job as an enrollment advisor is done, right? Not quite. In order to grow, shape and sustain...

Checklist for Maximizing Fall Enrollment

March 13 2017

As the recruiting cycle reaches a frenzied pace during the spring semester, how are you preparing for fall enrollment?

Why Didn't They Choose Us? What Students Look For in a College

December 21 2016

For many colleges, the summer is “closing the deal” time with new students. I used to joke about the fist-sized dent in my wooden desk, created over time from the frustration following conversations...

Using Social Media as a Student Recruitment Tool

December 15 2016

The methods that university enrollment and marketing professionals use to communicate with audiences are continually changing. Gone are the days when direct mail brochures and postcards were the most...

Useful Research Tools for Strategic Enrollment Management

December 15 2016

How does your team use data strategically to plan for enrollment success?

Enrollment Planning: Lenoir-Rhyne University

October 5 2016

When Lenoir-Rhyne began working with Credo, deposit and yield were not at the levels they wanted to see, and the cohesiveness of the staff was not where they wanted it to be.

Grow Enrollment the Right Way

September 7 2016

How can you grow enrollment on your campus when today’s students have so many options in higher education? The foundation of strategic enrollment planning is an innovative campus culture that...

Boost Enrollment through Proactive Academic and Co-curricular Programming

September 1 2016

Is your campus struggling to boost enrollment? Take a critical look at your academic and co-curricular program offerings. Prospective students may fall in love with a beautiful campus or other...

How Has the Traditional Enrollment Funnel Changed?

August 26 2016

Traditionally, the steps of the enrollment funnel were simple, straightforward and consistent across the higher education industry. You may recognize the steps of the funnel as “Prospects > Inquiries...