Leadership Development Leadership Retreat

We know that a strong, aligned leadership team is essential to the success of colleges and universities in these challenging times for private higher education. Our Thriving Retreat will bring your team together for an intensive day-and-a-half workshop with one of our lead consultants to evaluate your current reality, develop a clear path for success, and lay down the foundations for an effective plan for institutional success.

Some potential outcomes of a Credo Leadership Retreat include:

  • Leadership access to our Thriving Diagnostic Tool to assess current realities, urgencies, and growth opportunities.
  • Data analysis of survey results to inform workshop format, presentation, and topics for discussion.
  • A professionally facilitated workshop to gather input from leaders on process and priorities.
  • A unifying of the leadership around mission, focus, communication, role, and strategy.
  • Recommendations on your existing strategy map, or a draft of a new strategy map, to align the leadership with the institution’s mission and vision.

What does it mean to have Credo as a partner? Find out how some of our partners on campuses across the country describe the difference-maker that having Credo on their team has made.

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Having the right partner at the table can be a game changer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your campus to flourish.