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Successful institutions utilize predictive modeling to enhance yield, engagement, and retention. PowerPREDICT® by Credo is a comprehensive, portal-based predictive modeling tool that will empower your admissions team to embrace viable objectives, execute best-practice procedures, and implement mathematically-based approaches to prioritize time and resources.

Utilizing your institution's historic enrollment data to produce a logistic regression analysis, PowerPREDICT provides an algorithm-based projection of the enrollment behavior for an inquiring student population. PowerPREDICT takes into account new student enrollment data from the past and predicts a clearer picture of what your new student enrollment can look like in the future.

PowerPREDICT streamlines recruitment practices, improves efficiencies, and provides your institution with the following benefits and outcomes:

  • Increased yield rates as you focus relationship development on prospective students who have the highest likelihood of enrolling.
  • Pipelines for enrollment growth by ranking students based on their academic interest, source code, geography, gender, high school, or other enrollment driving variables.
  • Saved time, money, and human resources through the consolidation of recruitment travel and segmented communications.
  • Leveraged resources to achieve quantifiable enhanced yield, enrollment, and retention.
  • Your own customized institutional web portal allows you to autonomously update rankings for each stage of the funnel or conduct research as often as necessary.
  • Dedicated support from a Credo consultant.

Credo provides parallel strategic oversight and the necessary ongoing reporting and analysis for the implementation of predictive modeling into current and future admission strategies. Our team of predictive modeling professionals provides support in developing, implementing, and measuring the success of your predictive model, and a Credo consultant makes a yearly visit to campus to present each predictive model, train the admission team, and offers assistance with the integration of PowerPREDICT into your annual recruitment plan. Additionally, your Credo consultant is available for unlimited email and telephone consultation for the life of the partnership.

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