Tim Fuller

Senior Vice President / Owner

Tim Fuller is a higher education speaker and trend setter, strategic planner, enrollment analyst, and data enthusiast. Tim will be the first to tell you that “it takes a campus to recruit a student,” and then give you not only the data you need, but the “so what?” behind it to set successful strategies for your institution’s health, stability, and sustainable culture in motion. Tim leads Credo as an Owner, Senior Vice President, and Executive Leadership Team member, bringing empathy and urgency to his work both internally at Credo, and as he consults across campuses in the areas of strategic planning, enrollment health and integration, and how a campus can prepare for the future of higher education. If you’ve never enjoyed an enrollment data presentation, you’ve never heard Tim speak. A sought-after presenter, Tim underpins over 30 years of data trends and research with storytelling and wit to bring statistics to life and connect his audiences with the part they all play in an organization’s strategic enrollment health, institutional self-esteem, and overall mission. Tim is a team player who brings logic, positivity, and truth to every collaborative effort, both at Credo and on our partner campuses.

Tim’s heart for higher education took root during the years he spent serving at his alma mater, Houghton College. In 1980, Tim returned to campus, accepting a job as an admission counselor, and stayed for 27 years, serving in almost every position in the admissions department up to and including the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Senior Cabinet Member for his last 14 years. Tim remains connected to the work of institutions like Houghton, and seeks to continually serve their missions by partnering not only with individual campuses, but also with a wide range of consortia and organizations, conducting meaningful research (NACCAP and CCCU), coaching up the next generation of aspiring leaders (ABHE, TICUA and GICA), and building cohesive organizations  (NASCUMC, ABHE, and Adventist Higher Education). Additionally, in 2003, the CCCU named Tim a Senior Research Fellow in appreciation for his ongoing commitment to enrollment research, and in 2015, the ABHE named him a Senior Fellow for his contributions to their professional development curriculum and conferences.

A grounded family man, accomplished choir singer, and life-long Mets fan, Tim earned his B.A. from Houghton College and M.B.A. from State University of New York at Buffalo.

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