Senior Affiliate

Jeff has been in higher education and consulting since 1984.  He currently serves as the Vice President of Enrollment at Huntington University in Indiana where he has oversight of the admissions, financial aid, student success, marketing and university relations functions of the university.  Jeff has served on the senior cabinet at Huntington for the past 21 years.  Under his leadership, university enrollment grew from 578 to 1,279 total students through a number of strategic recruitment, marketing and program development initiatives. Prior to joining Huntington Jeff worked at John Brown University in Arkansas first as an admission counselor and ultimately in a split role of director of recruitment and director of public relations.  Jeff has served on the executive leadership teams of several national and state enrollment organizations and served as a peer consultant on several private college campuses.  Jeff earned a B.S in broadcasting, a B.S. in business administration and a B.S in public relations, all from John Brown University.

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